We offer the following services:

  • Non-Violent Resistance Training for practitioners (2 days). 

    This training will be of relevance to child and family welfare practitioners (Social Work, Social Care, Psychology, Psychotherapy, EWO’s, Family Support Workers etc.) and anyone whose work involves supporting children and families. The aim of the training is to build practitioner’s skills and confidence in identifying and responding effectively to the growing concerns about child to parent violence, abuse and aggression.

    The training is provided by trainers in the NVR programme. They bring this new and innovative programme – combined with extensive experience with children and families – to the training days.


    For further information on NVR training, see the following websites:

    https://cpvireland.ie/    http://www.rcpv.eu/    http://www.newauthority.net/


    This training is being delivered in response to a significant demand – early booking is advisable.

  • Individual sessions with one or both parents/carers - this programme is generally delivered over an eight week period. In many cases, less than eight sessions is required to bring about significant change.
  • Agency consultation and support in the use of the Non-Violent Resistance Programme and the Non-Violent Resistance Approach
  • Workshops for parents These are designed to introduce parents to the key elements of NVR.
  • Workshops for foster carers
  • Seminars for schools
  • Seminars for agencies
Please contact us to discuss any of the above services in detail.