Welcome to our new website and our new service. We hope that this website will provide you with the information that you need. If not, you are very welcome to contact us for further discussion or inquiry.
Our work brings us in to contact with many families and in recent years we have encountered a new type of family stress  - parents experiencing high levels of aggression, conflict and at times, violence and abuse from their children. If you are struggling to cope with a child who has become increasingly aggressive, you may be encouraged to know that your family is not unique, that your child is not the worst in the world and most importantly, that there is a way out of the situation that you are in. Many families find themselves waiting -- for things to settle down, for their child to calm down or perhaps for an appointment with an expert. The good news is that, as a parent, you are key to bringing about the change that you are hoping for. The approach that we use is one that that will not only reduce the shouting, fighting, damage of property or even physical violence - but one that will strengthen your relationship with your child. Conflict is exhausting and distressing. Many parents find themselves in an endless round of threatening or pleading with their child, feeling more and more powerless. Using the NVR (Non Violent Resistance) approach, we can help you to feel more in charge and to understand that your child needs you to do this to feel safe in the world. We will use this blog to look at common patterns that can develop over time in families and where situations go from nought to nuclear and all hell breaks loose. We will give you ideas on how to reduce conflict, how to build on your relationship with your child - even when it has become very difficult - and how to bring the aggression, hostility and violence to an end. Check in regularly and remember that you can contact us - details on our home page.